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Inequalities in the Competition for Global Talent

The link between talent and competitiveness and sustainable economic development is now well-established. In all regions of the world, countries are reforming education systems, reducing gender and other inequalities to increase their ‘homegrown’ talent pool, and trying to find ways to attract qualified and entrepreneurial people from abroad. Talent has become the key resource of […]

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Identifying High-Potential Talent

"47 per cent say their current high-potential talent pool does not meet their anticipated needs." The term ‘high-potential’ is often found in business literature referring to employees.  What exactly differentiates one from other employees? According to this Idea, high-potential employees are those identified as having the latent talent, ability and aspiration necessary to hold successive leadership positions […]

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Developing Business Leaders in China

Across the world, effective leaders are needed now more than ever; China is no exception, but the experiences of Chinese leaders may certainly warrant a different perspective for their development. Based on research initiated in May 2007, the authors present findings and implications for leadership development for China-based economies. They provide evidence of specific work […]

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