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Supply Chain Networks and CSR Sourcing

Procurement risks now include the possibility of someone in the supply chain flouting international labour laws, causing unnecessary damage to the environment or acting in other socially irresponsible ways. These risks are ‘high-impact’. Nike, which faced a storm of protest following sweat-shop scandals in the 1990s, is just one company to have discovered this. Management […]

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CSR: Pride Comes Before a Fall

Intuitively, one might assume that people who have ‘done good things’ and received recognition for their ethical stance would feel encouraged to continue in the same vein. But this research suggests that, when it comes to top business leaders, this simply isn’t the case. The research finds that CEOs with a track record of ‘going […]

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What Is the Real Value in CSR?

Exploring the relation between information that is presented in corporate accountability reports and future financial performance three professors from the Kellogg School of Management’s Accounting Information and Management Department focused on CSR expenditure figures and the future performance of the disclosing firm. Thomas Lys, professor of accounting information and management at the Kellogg School of […]

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