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How Social Intrapreneurs Get Heard

Many large companies have developed corporate social entrepreneurship (CSE) initiatives. Examples include global management consultants Accenture, French cement, concrete and aggregates company Lafarge and Swiss pharmaceuticals multinational Novartis. Often referred to as ‘social businesses’, CSE initiatives are usually started by employees who want to help underprivileged people. Motivated partly by personal experience, these social intrapreneurs […]

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Green Light for Governance

Recent years have seen company stakeholders demand better environmental performance, particularly by businesses in polluting industries. Whether it is consumer pressure for green products, media pressure for a green approach or government pressure to stick to green regulations, leaders must take action. The degree to which they respond – or not – appears to hinge […]

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Embedding CSR and Sustainability: Marks & Spencer

Sustainable business practices are in the spotlight more than ever before, as awareness of the environmental and economic aspects to resource management keeps increasing. It’s changing the way businesses work and strategize, bringing a new way to deliver competitive edge to the table. The case for incorporating sustainability practices within an organization is constantly expounded. […]

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Sustainable People Policies for Sustainable Organizations

Why does employee health receive so little consideration then, when examining sustainability policies in organizations? Most studies (and policies) focus on environmental sustainability. Of course eco-efficiency is and should be one of the very foremost concerns of our generation – but so too should human prosperity and ergo employee health. Some sustainability studies would have […]

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