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Power to the Middle

Right from the start the authors’ recognize these attributes stating ‘that the smartest executives will do everything in their power to keep their best middle managers where they and reward them’ and then explaining that in many instances this is infact the correct approach, but it needs to be carefully managed. Too often people are […]

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Higher Ground

Higher Ground - Alison Taylor

The author is a business school professor however – and as such is tasked with finding a pragmatic, and teachable, route forward through this morass of complexity and contradictions. It is also worth reminding ourselves that all corporate titans are also humans, most with children of their own who frequently will challenge them – they […]

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Capitalism and Crises

Capitalism and Crises - Colin Mayer

Few people have a better understanding of the role corporations play in society than Prof Mayer who has been honing his thinking on the issue for over two decades. While this book sees that there is an urgent need for reform, and highlights plenty of areas where the current model of capitalism is failing humanity […]

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The Model Black

While the focus in Barbara Banda’s book is on black leaders, the stories shared are not entirely unlike the experiences endured by other communities in the workplace. As a reader, expect to learn the following from stories shared in The Model Black: The Model Black is a rich source of practical advice, both for leaders […]

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At the start of this short book Grint explores the old saw, the difference between leadership and management. He is quite direct in tackling this. Leaders are there to resolve emerging, unknown problems, most probably ‘wicked’ ones. That is those which do not have clear, linear solutions. If there is a known resolution to a problem, if […]

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Too Proud to Lead

The route to hubris a beguiling and the authors depict that in an all too familiar mini case study, which is worth repeating in full here: In times of crisis, high-risk or a threat from external forces, such as a sudden hostile takeover bid, a company will look to the CEO to step up to […]

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Leading Remotely

At the heart of this book is Parkes’s distinction between ‘single-site’ leaders and ‘multi-site’ leaders. If we are to track a leader’s career progression at some point fairly early on in their leadership journey they will move from managing and leading a team that is close to them, to one which is more dispersed, at […]

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Tett applies a three-part set of principles of the anthropologist’s mindset to structure the book: Make the ‘strange’ familiar – cultivate a mindset of emapthy for strangers and value diversity Make the ‘familiar’ strange – question and explore our own environment and context with fresh eyes  to identify what is strange about our own worlds – […]

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The Heart of Business

Joly is one of those business people who has more depth than we tend to expect in corporate leaders these days. His shift from hard, accounting-led corporate strategy to a more holistic, purpose-led approach started quite early on in his career, through conversations with the French businessman, Jean-Marie Descarpentries who held leadership roles at Danone […]

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