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How to Lead Virtual Teams

Virtual teams, made necessary by globalization and possible by technology, are now common in business. They’ve taken over traditional functions such as procurement, manufacturing, IT and finance, as well as newer activities such as global supply chain and global service delivery. They’re often assembled for new-product development and R&D. And they’re increasingly found at the […]

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Profits Vs Principles: Market Competition and Moral Transgression

Why do unethical practices become ‘normalized’ in some organizations? Why do errant employees sometimes go unpunished for long periods of time? These are questions that many people will have asked in the wake of the phone hacking scandal at News of the World and the recent interest-rate-rigging scandals at major banks. One explanation is that […]

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Can a Leader Be Too Ethical?

High levels of ethical leadership can have unintended consequences, demotivating employees and making pro-social and co-operative behaviours less likely, according to recent research in Europe and the US. The research, based on three field studies and an experiment, finds a negative, linear relationship between ethical leadership and employee deviance: the more ethical the leader, the […]

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Ways to Cope with Abusive Superiors

In recent years, there has been tremendous focus on ways to enhance employee engagement, performance and workplace outcomes. The crucial role of the supervisor has been at the centre of this focus, in particular the effects that an abusive supervisor can have on workplace outcomes, especially in the past decade. Previous research has defined abusive […]

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Mortality: The Ultimate Motivator

Fear of death is a core part of the human condition. It’s been associated with everything from the enduring appeal of religion and spiritual beliefs to the desire to reproduce and raise children. It remains, however, largely ignored in management literature and mainstream motivational theories. Death is a powerful ‘stealth motivator’ that leads to defensive […]

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Managing Cross-industry Innovation

How do you combine previously unconnected technologies in an entirely new product ‘architecture’? This is a particularly important question when the development project involves collaboration with other industries and companies — and between specialists who have different ways of doing things and haven’t worked together before. Recent research addresses it by analyzing and comparing three […]

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