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Three Generations of Young Professionals Reshape the Workplace

INSEAD’s new global survey of Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z respondents, focusing on the workplace, technology and leadership, reveals the similarities and differences among today’s young professionals. A collaboration between INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute, Universum and the HEAD foundation, the survey received responses from more than 18,000 professionals and students in 16 countries, […]

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How Seeing Things Employees-Way Builds Performance

If you could eavesdrop on your employees’ conversations, what do you think they would be saying about you? Or if you look back over your own career, considering the good and the bad bosses, how would you describe them? ‘Inspirational’, ‘empathic’, ‘open to new ideas’, or ‘controlling’, ‘autocratic’, and ‘micromanaging’? Whatever the answers, there is […]

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Maximising Employee Performance

Based on interviews with more than 50 employees across 12 companies, as well as questionnaire data from more than 200 employees London Business School’s professor, Julian Birkinshaw, along with his fellow researchers, say that management should be about “seeing the world through the eyes of the employee.” In other words, it is a manager’s job […]

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Rewards that Motivate More than Money

A large-scale study by Vlerick Business School, in association with three media partners, De Standaard, La Libre Belgique and NRC Handelsblad, underlines the importance of non-financial rewards to employees. The study, based on a poll of 4,877 people in Flanders, Wallonia and the Netherlands working in 18 different sectors, measured attitudes to salary, bonuses and […]

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Managing Workforce Ideas Effectively

Idea management programs can be used to increase the proportion of successfully implemented projects based on ideas contributed voluntarily by employees. This research highlights that people who come forward with ideas care deeply about their organization. ‘Idea Management’ provides the support such employees need for their expertise and creativity to be recognised, developed and successfully […]

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