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Shut Down the Business School

Parker's background as an anthropologist and sociologist has led him to a heightened awareness that other types of organizational structure exist – and his objective in this polemic is to encourage students to study a broader horizon of alternatives so that they can assess, evaluate and innovate what other structures for running businesses might work […]

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Talent Wins

At the heart of this approach lie two significant changes. The main task for leaders of organizations is now, not so much to lead from the front, but to create environments where change can happen most effectively, be "architects" for change in their phrase. And secondly – and perhaps most radically – the key triumvirate […]

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The Four Dilemmas of the CEO

CEO's have the option of being 'in' the business, fire-fighting and getting involved in detail and implantation issues at all levels; or being 'on' the business, defining the strategy and creating the connections and opportunities for the business to move ahead with. Those CEOs that spend more time 'in' than 'on' the business will fail […]

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Good Profit

Lying at the heart of this book, and Koch's thinking, is Adam Smith's belief that individuals often best promote societal interests when they promote their own. Koch says "MBM emphasizes 'Principled Entrepreneurship' over corporate welfare, virtue over talent, challenge over hierarchy…and rewards for long-term value creation over managing to budgets". This should be music to […]

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