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MYPRISM: Override Your Autopilot Choose Mindful Leadership

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Successful leadership is neither automatic nor accidental it has to be intentional. This powerful new framework from six leading executive coaches provides a clear and authoritative guide to overriding your autopilot and choosing mindful leadership.

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Authors: Maribel Aleman, Douglas Choo, John Lazar, Beth Masterman, Fernando Morais, Rolf Pfeiffer

ISBN: 978-1-915529-07-7 (paperback)

Published    6 April, 2023   by     Ideas for Leaders Publishing

202 pages;

Standard Price:  $22.99 (Paperback)  $29.99 (Hardback)


MYPRISM has been written to improve and benefit the relationship between leaders and their more effective and impactful future selves. It invites leaders to override their autopilot and choose mindful leadership, and demonstrates how that can be done.

MYPRISM is backed by science and draws on the six authors’ collective experience of decades of working with thousands of leaders across industries, sectors, functions, cultures, on all six continents.

All of us develop an autopilot, but between stimulus and response, there is space to pause. How do you use that space so that you don’t default to your autopilot all the time? How might you resist your autopilot and reach a more mindful, purposeful response?

Prisms allow one to see around obstacles, and bend light into distinct bands of colour. That led us to think about blind spots and turning chaos into clarity. We came up with an acronym:

  • M – Mindfulness
  • Y – Why
  • P – Perspective
  • R – Reality
  • I – Investigate / Integrate / Inspire
  • S – Staging
  • M – Move

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Testimonials on MYPRISM from industry experts:

I think especially now, when we are all experiencing ‘chaos’ on a weekly if not daily basis, the idea of pausing to reflect and reframe is so powerful.  This framework provides a great structure for breaking down the steps and really immersing oneself in the pausing phase.

Jen F, Global L&D Senior Director, leading global consulting firm

This valuable book, based on scientific research findings as well as real-life experience from experts in the field, will equip you to leave your default “autopilot” mode and engage instead on a fulfilling, exciting and purposeful life journey.

Prof. Philippe Rosinski, Master Certified Coach, Author of “Coaching Across Cultures” and “Global Coaching”

Deep self-awareness can be seen as the essential ingredient of great leadership. MYPRISM is a precious tool to support any leader on this exciting lifelong learning journey of self-discovery and mindfulness.

Dr. Sven Sommerlatte, CHRO, Boehringer Ingelheim

MYPRISM is a brilliant addition to leadership literature. The authors’ five-country breadth of experience gives the reader a useful perspective on the commonality of leadership dilemmas, and practical applications for what to do. ‘Key take-aways’ summarize the high points in chapters. Case studies offer opportunities for reflection. This is a practical book, and will be a reference you will return to again and again.

Margaret Cary, MD MBA MPH PCC

MYPRISM unpacks the steps and skills of effectively engaging with a changing world by going beyond our autopilot responses, so relevant for our current world of chaos and crisis. I’m not usually a fan of acronyms, but this book’s name strikes me as powerful in itself to remind us we see the world through our “prisms.” It also unpacks each element with full doses of body awareness, emotions, choices, and actions. From Mindfulness to Move each step is empowering. Kudos to the authors (including my colleague, John Lazar). This book is going to be one of my companions.

Bob Dunham, Founder of the Institute for Generative Leadership. Co-author of “The Power of Owning Up” (with Sameer Dua) and “The Innovator’s Way” (with Peter Denning)

MYPRISM was written in service of the relationship between leaders and their more effective capacity to lead. Few leadership books are as comprehensive and detailed as MYPRISM, truly a global team effort by a group of highly experienced and qualified coaches. No book on leadership is more globally relevant than MYPRISM, authored by six coaches from five countries on four continents.

As a professional coach and a leader myself, MYPRISM promises to get my clients off autopilot and into a more mindful, aware approach. Each of the major points in MYPRISM are backed by science and, conveniently, highlights what can happen if leaders fail to adapt, giving us a built in flag for action. MYPRISM is indispensable for leaders and coaches alike–and, increasingly, leaders identify as coaches to their people, making this book a must-read. MYPRISM is a practical book, incorporating not only thoughtfulness, but that movement and action that all leadership requires. This book is a huge contribution to the leader development field.

Tom Kolditz, PhD, Brigadier General, US Army (ret), Founding Director, Ann & John Doerr Institute for New Leaders, Rice University, Professor Emeritus, US Military Academy, West Point, Author of “In
Extremis Leadership: Leading as if Your Life Depended On It” and “Leadership Reckoning: Can Higher Education Develop the Leaders we Need?

This book is something I have been waiting for for a very long time. Leadership theories, academia and practical seminars focus on a truly relevant explanation of what it takes to manage teams successfully – there is no doubt about it. But this book promises to close a gap that many practitioners have been struggling with: if I know all the theories, if I am aware of the consequences of my actions, then where can I spot in my inner self when things are about to go “wrong”, moving into autopilot even though I know and can do things so much better. Six highly qualified experts sensed this important gap and what they came up with, based on their global experience, is truly fascinating.

Dr. Matthias Lichtblau, Partner, Managing Director, Global Chief Operating Officer, WTS Global

MYPRISM offers a unique and practical guide for leaders to coach others -and themselves- in concrete, easy-to-follow steps. I have worked with John Lazar for several decades and experienced MYPRYSM through his effective yet subtle interventions. MYPRISM is also an engaging reading and a practical tool for self-learning, A must-read for leaders, mentors, teachers, and consultants.

Mariano Bernardez, PhD., CPT , CEO, Founder and Executive Director of the Performance Improvement Institute


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