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Reflections on the Future of Coaching in Today’s World

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Reflections on the Future of Coaching in Today’s World – Barcelona 2022, reflections on a thought-leading conference



Editors: Rolf Pfeiffer, Jeffrey Hull and Ramon Estrada

Contributors: Vanessa Daswani and Daniel Hires: Jacinta Jimenez; Angela Passarelli; Ramon Estrada; Rolf Pfeiffer; Roddy Millar; Jeffrey Hull.

ISBN:  978-1-91-552907-7

Published:   1 July, 2023   by     Ideas for Leaders Publishing

112 pages;



Global Ideas to boost your personal and business sustainability.

Reflections, thinking and ideas from the Institute of Coaching conference in Barcelona in the Fall of 2022.

Conferences come and we get inspired, enthusiastic and energised – and then they end, and we go back to work and that energy and those ideas often get lost or buried in the busy-ness of daily work. This short book focuses in on the highlights of the conference, sharing the thinking and insights of the speakers and participants.

The book draws inspiration in its graphics and design from the work of the famous Barcelona architect, Antonio Gaudi, whose first sole commission building, Casa Vicens, the participants visited at the end of the conference.


With an introduction by IoC Director Jeff Hull and the conference leads, Ramon Estrada and Rolf Pfeiffer,

The book is split into four core sections:

  1. Know Yourself
  2. Know the Science
  3. Know the Client
  4. Know the Territory


You can view the Title page, Contents and full Prologue on this link:  Reflections Books – Title and Prologue-pages