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Brains Inspiring Businesses for Leaders

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A book of insights and explanations from senior neuro-certified executive coaches on the impact and workings of their experiences with organizations around the globe. This is the first book to share this practiced information for leaders and executives to learn from.

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Authors: Paul Brown (editor); Nandini Das Ghoshal (editor)

ISBN: 978-1-915529-09-1 (paperback)

Published    19 January, 2024   by     Ideas for Leaders Publishing

388 pages;

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The task of any leader is to take that hugely expensive stuff called human energy, which arrives at the office every day or sits behind its post-COVID Zoom screen, and to channel that energy towards the strategic and operational goals of the organisation. The way in which s/he does that defines the daily work experience of subordinates; and the only way of doing it is through relationship. Your KPIs, a poor, low-trust environment and a performance-is-all-that-matters-round-here relationship will have subordinates using (wasting, from the organisation’s perspective) much of his or her energy to deal with the general misery of being at work and justifying such an unsatisfactory daily existence. The opposite – a high-trust relationship – releases the energy of individuals who will perform at their best for the satisfaction and sense of purpose in so doing. Then achieving corporate goals becomes purposeful and profit arises consequentially.

Brains Inspiring Business for Leaders is written by a group of experienced coaches associated with ION Consulting, the professional (non-trading) partnership, of minds and thinking that Dr Paul Brown has gathered together founded on his work on Brains and Behaviour in Organisations over the last few decades. The book is thus a collection of insight and wisdom from senior coaches and consultants who have worked in-depth with senior leaders and leadership teams using their knowledge of neuroscience to help the individuals and organisations meet their goals.

The chapters are distinct, bringing the various author’s personal insights and experiences to the surface, but all hold to the central thinking around the power of emotions and energy and their critical roles in our decision-making and approach to managing relationships and work culture. The book references Dr Brown’s ‘London Protocol of Emotions’ framework, which links the core ‘primary’ emotions of Sadness, Shame, Disgust, Anger, Fear, Surprise/Startle, Excitement/Joy and Love/Trust to the six emotional reaction Fs: Faint, Freeze, Fight, Flight, Frolic and Faith, and the allied roles of the neurochemicals cortisol, noradrenaline, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin in that framework.

The thirteen authors, all of whom have been on the six-month brain-informed continuing professional development programme, The Science of the Art of Coaching, with Paul Brown or have published with him, give passionate accounts of the value of what they have discovered in their corporate and individual consulting work, using the brain-based knowledge that they have.

It is, we believe, the first book in the Applied Neuroscience field to give such accounts.

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