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RET: Market Research in Real Time

What drives customers’ attitudes and behaviours? This is the golden question for marketing executives, who often rely on data from surveys, focus groups, interviews, etc., in the hopes of trying to understand how to better influence their customers. But according to Emma Macdonald, Hugh Wilson and Umut Konu?, these types of data suffer from a […]

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Organizational Identity and Adaptation to Disruptive Change

Discontinuous technologies refers to when new products are created that end up transforming existing markets, such as cloud computing, digital photography, 3D printing, online news, etc. Not surprisingly, they often pose a critical challenge for executives, and how they deal with such major paradigm shifts has formed the basis of a number of recent articles. […]

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Creating Innovative Business Models

Though product/process innovation has become a necessity for many companies, the time and expenses required is now leading hesitant companies to turn towards business model innovation instead. So what do executives need to know about it? Business model innovation matters to managers, entrepreneurs and academic researchers for several reasons. First, it represents an often underutilized […]

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