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Search Engine Marketing: Does it Pay?

Traditional advertising has always been one of the largest expenditures for organizations; take Procter & Gamble for example, which reportedly spent just under $2.95 billion on advertising in 2011 alone. In recent years a significant amount of this expenditure has shifted to internet advertising which has witnessed massive growth. Of the different forms of internet […]

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First Choice Most Chosen

Research dating as far back as the early 20th century has shown that the first argument presented to humans on even complex topics has greater persuasive appeal and is more likely to change minds. Building on this, Dana Carney and Mahzarin Banaji from Haas School of Business and Harvard University, respectively, set out to test […]

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Health Warnings Can Boost Sales: Regulators Beware

Marketing messages promising powerful benefits such as enhanced social status in return for smoking a particular brand of cigarettes or sexual potency after taking a ‘cure’ for erectile dysfunction are often accompanied by grave warnings of possible side effects, including increased risks of stroke, heart disease and cancer. Such warnings buffer companies from liability — […]

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The Power of Colour in Marketing

Colour has been found to affect cognition, moods and feelings, all of which in turn can influence consumer decision-making. According to the US-based Color Marketing Group, it can increase brand recognition by up to 80 per cent. Not surprisingly then, numerous studies have focused on the effects of colour in marketing and advertising, clearly demonstrating […]

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Pricing and the Power of Red

The colour red has long been associated with pleasure, and its effects have long been the subject of research. Studies have suggested that it serves as a ‘heuristic cue’ or shortcut when people make judgments and decisions. (In 2008, for example, researchers found that sports referees assign more points to competitors wearing red than those […]

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