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Bulletproof Problem Solving

The authors quote Herb Simon, the Economics Nobel Laureate from Carnegie Mellon, who specialized in decision-making “solving a problem simply means representing it so as to make the solution transparent” – and this, at its heart, is what this book and the 7 Steps is about. Most of the problems we are faced with today […]

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The core observation of the authors is built on the research of former Yale and Stanford sociology professor Charles Perrow. Perrow created a matrix based on his analysis of what had gone wrong at the Three-Mile Island nuclear accident in 1979. The model plots complexity against what he terms ‘close-coupling’ of systems. Close-coupled systems are […]

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Verganti sees that we live in a time of an abundance of ideas. For most of the developed world we don’t need more things, but may have problems but we rarely are clear about what we want to solve them. The innovation industry has been trying to identify these creative solutions for problems we don’t […]

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