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The Daily Reset

The Daily Reset - Steen P MacGregor

The Daily Reset is Steven MacGregor’s antidote to this. While the authors of most business books have high-hopes that their books will be read cover-to-cover but little expectation that they will be returned to on a regular basis, The Daily Reset is the opposite of that. It is specifically designed to be, in MacGregor’s words […]

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Too Proud to Lead

The route to hubris a beguiling and the authors depict that in an all too familiar mini case study, which is worth repeating in full here: In times of crisis, high-risk or a threat from external forces, such as a sudden hostile takeover bid, a company will look to the CEO to step up to […]

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How People Learn

Shackleton-Jones's disruptive book explodes this model and takes a psychologist's approach to learning. He explains that we learn because we want to – we have an emotional interest in so doing. The book opens with the author taking Hermann Ebbinghaus to task on his famous 'Forgetting Curve', where he measured how long people could remember […]

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Adaptive Space

The original research question they set out to answer was “what is the process by which ideas emerge and flow n the organization?”. The spark for the image of the answer, as Arena notes, that in 1989 sociologist Ray Oldenburg ‘pioneered the concept of a ‘third place’’, a ‘free trade zone’ that provides a sense […]

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