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The AI-Savvy Leaders

AI-Savvy Leader

De Cremer opens his book with the crux of the problem – a story of how an organization invests huge sums in AI to make its processes leaner and more efficient and a year on pull-the-plug, as little efficiency is being realized while the cash continues to race into a blackhole. The reason he posits […]

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Fair Talk

Founded on the view that we humans are not good at improvement, the relationship of actionable feedback to performance is a central theme of this new book. It comes in three sections being firstly an exploration of the nature and practice of feedback; secondly, all that it takes to be the Fairtalk leader; and in part […]

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Chief Wellbeing Officer

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is much more of a human than a technical challenge. “Machines will supply us with the insight and perspectives we need to reach [the staggering rewards of heightened living standards, enhanced safety and security, superhuman abilities]. But they won’t supply the judgement or ingenuity. Humans will.” The focus now is more […]

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The Business of Sleep

In an age when poor productivity is increasingly seen as a core problem for businesses and economies, surely managing something that 100% of workers are affected by that will improve their "memory, attention, decision-making and creativity in the short-term and 7 of the 15 leading causes of death (in the US) in the long-term, such […]

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The Leadership of Teams

The authors' research showed that 69% of managers work with five or more teams. So getting team leadership right is important. The book explores the breadth of aspect that combine to make up teams and teamwork and team leadership. The authors drawn on their extensive knowledge of the sector and highlight the key thinking, much […]

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Good Profit

Lying at the heart of this book, and Koch's thinking, is Adam Smith's belief that individuals often best promote societal interests when they promote their own. Koch says "MBM emphasizes 'Principled Entrepreneurship' over corporate welfare, virtue over talent, challenge over hierarchy…and rewards for long-term value creation over managing to budgets". This should be music to […]

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The core concept is the simple notion of 'fixed' and 'growth' mindsets. Fixed mindsets are where people believe they have certain abilities, and need to constantly prove to themselves and others, what those abilities are. In this world when things go wrong it is an immediate setback because it means you have failed to prove […]

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The Fear-free Organization

"Fear continuously triggers the corrosive [neuro]chemical cortisol" says Brown in the introduction to this book, and as with most things, anything in excess is usually a problem. In small doses cortisol will wake us up and direct attention, but too much of it and it becomes destrys brain cells, accentuates stress and damages the immune […]

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The Neuroscience for Leadership

"No behaviour happens without neurochemicals happening first…" We are a function of our brains, so if you are wanting to lead people it is important to understand what initiates different behaviours. Dopamine, oxytocin and hormones such as testosterone all play their part – and usually significantly and repeatedly. The authors address, at a fundamental level, […]

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