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Robot Souls

Robot Souls - Eve Poole

While the title of the book suggests a single enquiry into how we might adapt and evolve AI to behave in a way that is conscientious and self-aware, the foundations for such an exploration require an examination of what is AI, what makes us human and why that is important, and what is the Soul. […]

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Leading Transformation

The writers define transformation in terms of seeing the possible value-creating futures for an organization and then overcoming all the different barriers to creating that future.  They consider this one of the hardest things that leaders are challenged to do. The essence of the book, therefore, is about taking charge of your company‚Äôs future and […]

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The core concept is the simple notion of 'fixed' and 'growth' mindsets. Fixed mindsets are where people believe they have certain abilities, and need to constantly prove to themselves and others, what those abilities are. In this world when things go wrong it is an immediate setback because it means you have failed to prove […]

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The Fear-free Organization

"Fear continuously triggers the corrosive [neuro]chemical cortisol" says Brown in the introduction to this book, and as with most things, anything in excess is usually a problem. In small doses cortisol will wake us up and direct attention, but too much of it and it becomes destrys brain cells, accentuates stress and damages the immune […]

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The Neuroscience for Leadership

"No behaviour happens without neurochemicals happening first…" We are a function of our brains, so if you are wanting to lead people it is important to understand what initiates different behaviours. Dopamine, oxytocin and hormones such as testosterone all play their part – and usually significantly and repeatedly. The authors address, at a fundamental level, […]

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