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How People Learn

Shackleton-Jones's disruptive book explodes this model and takes a psychologist's approach to learning. He explains that we learn because we want to – we have an emotional interest in so doing. The book opens with the author taking Hermann Ebbinghaus to task on his famous 'Forgetting Curve', where he measured how long people could remember […]

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Value Creation Through Executive Development

Without question some executive development programs are better than others; without question much exec dev investment is misspent; without question the sector and the technology that underpins it is evolving and reshaping continuously. Also without question is that many programs today try to include experiential action-learning projects that when implemented can often recoup the cost […]

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Out of Our Minds

"The very title of this book is clever. 'Out of Our Minds', indicates a certain madness (in the educational system, we presume), but it is also where all creativity comes from. Robinson's crusade is to change educational practices so that creativity is fostered and creative confidence enabled. Traditional education tends to eradicate rather than promote […]

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