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Leading Transformation

The writers define transformation in terms of seeing the possible value-creating futures for an organization and then overcoming all the different barriers to creating that future.  They consider this one of the hardest things that leaders are challenged to do. The essence of the book, therefore, is about taking charge of your company’s future and […]

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Transforming Nokia

Risto Siilasmaa, the author, joined the Nokia board in 2008 at the peak of that company’s fame and fortune. As the junior board member he admits he was overawed by the position and felt unable to fully influence the discussions, and was uncomfortable with the seemingly detached and mechanistic procedure of board discussions. It was […]

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You Are Not Human

The irony with metaphor is that while the speaker or author is using it to paint an image of one thing as another, ‘the financial storm’, ‘the Arab Spring’… these are illusory, in reality there was no storm, nor Spring. “Welcome to the mysterious world of metaphor, in which everything is something it is not” […]

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Inspired Leadership

So what is the formula for becoming a leader that can get ordinary people to perform extraordinarily? What is it that you need to be inspirational? For many of us that extra element might seem slightly mystical; a special manner or charisma that some people just have. Gaskell does not wholly subscribe to this view, though […]

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The Joy of Leadership

"There's more than one way to lead, succeed and be happy" the authors note in their opening chapter – but they have identified five recurring areas of focus, with the acronym SHARP: Strength: Focus more on your strengths than your weaknesses Health: Recovery is as important for executives as athletes – you have to balance […]

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