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Understanding Stress

Folkersen adopts an emerging definition for levels of stress: toxic, acute and positive. Toxic stress, is a chronic condition that harms us. This can be physical, caused by stress-related hormones or behaviour changes. It can accelerate our ageing (at any age), it can lead to increased weight (stressed bodies tend to accumulate visceral (belly) fat […]

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The Business of Sleep

In an age when poor productivity is increasingly seen as a core problem for businesses and economies, surely managing something that 100% of workers are affected by that will improve their "memory, attention, decision-making and creativity in the short-term and 7 of the 15 leading causes of death (in the US) in the long-term, such […]

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The Mind of the Leader

Taking the familiar three concentric circle model of leadership: self>team>organization as their foundation the authors offer a framework they call MSC Leadership, which pulls together what they identify from their research as the three critical mental qualities leaders need to master. M is for Mindfulness. "When you learn to manage your attention, you learn to […]

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The Joy of Leadership

"There's more than one way to lead, succeed and be happy" the authors note in their opening chapter – but they have identified five recurring areas of focus, with the acronym SHARP: Strength: Focus more on your strengths than your weaknesses Health: Recovery is as important for executives as athletes – you have to balance […]

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