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The Imagination Machine

This book explores this cognitive dimension of humanity as it relates to the organisation and its ability to imagine and reimagine itself. Like so much of the content we champion here at Ideas for Leaders, it starts from the recognition that 19th and 20th century industrial performance was founded on treating humans as units of […]

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Goliath’s Revenge

‘In industry after industry….established companies of all sizes…are taking bold steps to shift from being disrupted to becoming disruptors’ say the authors, ‘they are shifting from a mindset of ‘Defend the way we do things’ or ‘I just hope I retire before this really hurts my business’ to ‘we need to move aggressively now to […]

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Adaptive Space

The original research question they set out to answer was “what is the process by which ideas emerge and flow n the organization?”. The spark for the image of the answer, as Arena notes, that in 1989 sociologist Ray Oldenburg ‘pioneered the concept of a ‘third place’’, a ‘free trade zone’ that provides a sense […]

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