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Infectious Generosity

Infectious Generosity

In this book, Chris Anderson starts by reflecting on these events as an early example of infectious generosity; giving that inspires others to give too. Having first given his content and then his brand away, Anderson is well-placed to write about this. He has worked with billionaires and academics, wealthy business leaders and street-smart activists. […]

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This is Marketing

The effective kind of marketing is – and always has been – about understanding your customers desires and needs. People don’t make a key and then look for a lock; likewise we shouldn’t make a product and then look for a market, it should always be the other way around. Find the need, create the […]

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The core observation of the authors is built on the research of former Yale and Stanford sociology professor Charles Perrow. Perrow created a matrix based on his analysis of what had gone wrong at the Three-Mile Island nuclear accident in 1979. The model plots complexity against what he terms ‘close-coupling’ of systems. Close-coupled systems are […]

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Breaking Bad Habits

“That’s the way we do things around here,” is the give-away phrase that, according to Vermeulen, signals the presence of a bad habit that needs to stop. These are often enduring structures, systems, processes and ways of working that once helped improve organizational performance, but are no longer relevant and may be hindering innovation. These […]

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The Strategic Storyteller

The heart of this book lies in the concept that "data adds credibility, stories add memorability". Jutkowitz's proposition is that brands are essentially stories. Stories are memorable ways to transmit ideas and activities, or content, as he describes it. And content marketing is about convening people around those ideas. The power of content is that […]

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Verganti sees that we live in a time of an abundance of ideas. For most of the developed world we don’t need more things, but may have problems but we rarely are clear about what we want to solve them. The innovation industry has been trying to identify these creative solutions for problems we don’t […]

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Sustaining Executive Performance

MacGregor has researched this ancient wisdom and in his coaching and executive development work brings new knowledge to today's leaders about this connection between health and sustainable executive performance. 'Whole person' development is increasingly more accepted as vital, as oppposed to just developing people from the neck up. The links between what you eat, how […]

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