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Value Creation Through Executive Development

Without question some executive development programs are better than others; without question much exec dev investment is misspent; without question the sector and the technology that underpins it is evolving and reshaping continuously. Also without question is that many programs today try to include experiential action-learning projects that when implemented can often recoup the cost […]

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Goliath’s Revenge

‘In industry after industry….established companies of all sizes…are taking bold steps to shift from being disrupted to becoming disruptors’ say the authors, ‘they are shifting from a mindset of ‘Defend the way we do things’ or ‘I just hope I retire before this really hurts my business’ to ‘we need to move aggressively now to […]

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Do Good

The 2008 economic crisis was a pivotal moment where just producing steady returns was no longer enough. It may not have been the crisis itself that fomented this moment, the rise of social media has forced much greater transparency on organizations, but the two combined have fostered a populist agenda that large corporations and non-profits […]

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