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Bulletproof Problem Solving

The authors quote Herb Simon, the Economics Nobel Laureate from Carnegie Mellon, who specialized in decision-making “solving a problem simply means representing it so as to make the solution transparent” – and this, at its heart, is what this book and the 7 Steps is about. Most of the problems we are faced with today […]

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Transforming Nokia

Risto Siilasmaa, the author, joined the Nokia board in 2008 at the peak of that company‚Äôs fame and fortune. As the junior board member he admits he was overawed by the position and felt unable to fully influence the discussions, and was uncomfortable with the seemingly detached and mechanistic procedure of board discussions. It was […]

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Good Profit

Lying at the heart of this book, and Koch's thinking, is Adam Smith's belief that individuals often best promote societal interests when they promote their own. Koch says "MBM emphasizes 'Principled Entrepreneurship' over corporate welfare, virtue over talent, challenge over hierarchy…and rewards for long-term value creation over managing to budgets". This should be music to […]

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