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Leading Strategic Alignment – Jonathan Trevor – Oxford Saïd Business School

Key Concept

We know that the best aligned enterprises are also the highest performing enterprises—the most change ready, and the most resilient. We must—says Saïd Business School’s Dr Jonathan Trevor—therefore be developing within our corporations, the leadership capabilities required to achieve that strategic alignment, as a matter of urgency.

In this webinar Jonathan Trevor opens up this very particular set of leadership capabilities, which he describes as enterprise leadership, to address a very particular challenge: How to Lead Strategic Alignment?

“Enterprise leaders are not people leaders in the traditional sense; they are the system architects of their company’s long-term success” says Prof Trevor. “Unlike mainstream ideas about personal leadership, which at their core are concerned with mobilizing people, enterprise leadership is concerned with mobilizing the resources of an entire company as a system of many moving and interconnected parts.”

Dr Jonathan Trevor is a leading expert on strategy and organization and the author of the best-selling book, Align: A Leadership Blueprint for Aligning Enterprise Purpose, Strategy and Organization (Bloomsbury, 2019).

Jonathan is a noted management researcher, author, advisor, speaker and teacher on the subject of strategy and organization alignment. He consults extensively to executive leadership teams in all sectors and internationally to apply his research to help them to transform their organisations to be fit for purpose.

With contributions from the joint works of Dr Jonathan Trevor and Dr Barry Varcoe: adapted from Trevor, J. & Varcoe, B., (2017). How aligned is your organization? Harvard Business Review. 7 February. Harvard Business School Publishing. 

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