Wealth, Wisdom and Wilderness: Mongolia July 2024 - Ideas for Leaders

Join us for a week of learning and discovery in the Mongolian wilderness.

Where we shall explore local wisdom and understand a different meaning of wealth with the indigenous nomadic herdspeople of mid-Mongolia.

We are hoping the group will include some elders from other indigenous communities from Kenya and Australia.

In the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, finding moments to pause and reflect can feel like an elusive luxury. We are offering the opportunity to delve into the essence of wealth, wisdom, and wilderness with a group of curious life enthusiasts led by the Nomadic School of Business.

Join us on an extraordinary adventure this July, as we venture into the untamed beauty of Mongolia. Far from the noise of urban existence, we’ll immerse ourselves in the traditions of nomadic herders, living side-by-side with them in their gers (aka yurts), deep in the heart of the Mongolian wilderness.

We’ll be spending some special days in the vast expanse of the Mongolian landscape, surrounded by the hospitality of a close-knit community whose way of life is intricately tied to the rhythms of nature. As we engage with our hosts, we’ll unravel the secrets of their self-sustaining lifestyle and the profound sense of unity that underpins it all.

This journey isn’t just about experiencing a different culture; it’s about meeting ourselves in the process

Led by seasoned explorer Anthony Willoughby, along with a team of experienced facilitators, each day will unfold organically, guided by the ebb and flow of Mongolian life. From intimate discussions under the vast Mongolian sky to spontaneous encounters with local festivities. This journey isn’t just about experiencing a different culture; it’s about meeting ourselves in the process. Through thought-provoking conversations and immersive activities, we’ll challenge our preconceptions, expand our perspectives, and contemplate our personal meanings of wealth and wisdom.

This isn’t your typical guided tour. It’s a soul-stirring expedition designed to awaken your senses, ignite your spirit, and leave an indelible mark on your journey through life. Will you join us?

The Details

To kick off this special experience, you are advised to arrive in Ulaanbaatar by Friday, July 5th, to get your bearings and adjust to the local time before our early departure on Sunday, July 7th.

The adventure begins the moment we leave Ulaanbaatar early on Sunday, July 7th – taking a public bus for 26 hours, 1200 kms due West to Olgii, the capital of Mongolia’s western-most province (or aimag). This will be a rich experience, travelling with locals on the newly tarmacced road across central Mongolia. (For those not wishing to join this initial part of the trip, a 90 minute flight is available. We shall all be returning to Ulaanbaatar by plane at the end of the week.)

We shall spend a night in a hotel in Olgii before venturing into the great wild and empty mountain space to the north, where we shall be based for our stay. In our remote encampment we’ll spend the week immersing ourselves in the Mongolian way of life. We shall return to Ulaanbaatar by internal flight the following Sunday 14th July – so you can take flights home from Monday, July 15th or later, should you wish to stay in the country a little longer.

Accommodation, meals, and all other essentials will be provided throughout our stay by our expert local guides. From comfortable tents to communal gers, every aspect of our journey has been designed to ensure a balance of comfort and authenticity.

Mongolia groups
Photos from previous expeditions – please note this was in March when it was colder. In July it will be warm and green!

In addition to our guided discussions, participants will have the opportunity to embark on a two-day horse trek, mingle with locals, and take part in the traditional festivities that are occurring at the time, which could be weddings, festivals, horse racing or other gatherings.

With a maximum of 20 participants, including members of The Nomadic School of Business, spaces are limited—so seize this chance to venture beyond the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.

Cost: £2,500 per person.

All accommodation, catering and other costs will be covered during the time outside of Ulaanbaatar. Travel to Ulaanbaatar and accommodation in Ulaanbaatar on our return should be booked individually. We can advise on hotels.

We will be hosted by a very experienced local guiding company – who all speak fluent English.

Accommodation will be in tents, with a communal ger for eating, conversations and general gatherings.

There will be portable toilet and showering facilities all provided at the camp.

The camp will be created just for us, and dismantled – with no trace being left behind in nomadic fashion – when we leave.

The conversation/discussion topics that will be facilitated during the week – though are definitely not mandatory – may include:

If you would like to learn more about this unique experience – and bag your place – please email: as soon as possible.

Some images from previous expeditions below to set the scene!