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IESE Business School was founded in 1958 as the graduate business school of the University of Navarra and since then faculty research is central to advancing IESEs mission. The faculty apply academic rigor to understand and resolve managerial challenges, thus sharing with students and corporate partners unique learning experiences and generating new ideas for the business and academic communities.

IESEs faculty work contributes innovatively to current debates in various management fields, seeking a positive impact on people, companies and society at large. In line with the schools mission, faculty research highlights three critical dimensions: a general management perspective on business; a humanistic tradition that places people at the centre of economic activity and embodies the social and ethical aspects of management disciplines; and a global focus that considers business issues, leadership and entrepreneurship across international and cultural boundaries.

Internationally recognized, IESE faculty research benefits from over 100 full-time professors and around 70 external collaborators’ active engagement in business, consulting, and boards of directors. Their publications span not only books and articles but also a wealth of teaching material available in various languages.

IESE Research Centres include:

  • Center for Globalization and Strategy
  • Institute for Media and Entertainment
  • Center for International Finance
  • International Center for Logistics Research
  • Center for Public Leadership and Government
  • Center for Research in Healthcare Innovation Management
  • Center for Sport Business Management
  • Entrepreneurship Innovation Center
  • International Center for Competitiveness
  • International Center for Work and Family
  • International Research Center on Organizations
  • Public-Private Sector Research Center

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