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Founded in 1945 in cooperation with the University of Reading Henley was the first business school in the UK and is one of the oldest and most respected schools in Europe.
Their research furthers understanding of complex global business issues and delivers ground-breaking thinking that has world impact. Henley Business School is home to nearly 150 academic faculty, many of whom are widely published; cited experts and regularly feature in the media. Research at Henley is both pure and applied and is driven through six academic areas 14 internationally-recognised research centres. We work closely with governments and organisations internationally and help to drive the global research agenda across a uniquely broad range of fields.

Academic research centres include:

  • The Centre for International Business History
  • The Centre for Institutional Performance
  • The Centre of Planning Studies
  • The Centre for Real Estate Research
  • The Centre for Social and Organisational Studies
  • The Huck Centre for Management Research
  • The ICMA Centre  
  • The Informatics Research Centre
  • The John H. Dunning Centre for International Business
  • Centre for Euro-Asian Studies (CEAS)

Applied research centres include: 

  • The Henley Centre for Customer Management
  • The Centre for Entrepreneurship
  • The John Madejski Centre for Reputation
  • The Knowledge Management Forum
  • The Henley Centre for Sustainable Enterprise
  • The Henley Centre of HR Excellence
  • Leadership@Henley
  • Henley Markets

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