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Innovation and External ‘Clusters’ in Emerging Markets

A growing body of literature demonstrates the positive impact of regional clusters and networks on innovation. Including links to government agencies and research institutes as well as to similar companies and their distributors and suppliers, intra-cluster ties (ICTs) are seen as a gateway to technical know-how, trade contacts and capital for small businesses. They encourage […]

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The Green Investment Gap – And How to Close It

Although global investment in renewable energy has grown significantly since the start of this century, it remains below the level needed to meet Kyoto Protocol targets for reducing CO2 emissions, according to renewable energy advocates. (Investment slightly decreased in 2012.) Portfolios that do include renewables tend to be weighted towards ‘mature’ technologies such as onshore […]

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Green Light for Governance

Recent years have seen company stakeholders demand better environmental performance, particularly by businesses in polluting industries. Whether it is consumer pressure for green products, media pressure for a green approach or government pressure to stick to green regulations, leaders must take action. The degree to which they respond – or not – appears to hinge […]

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