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Coaches, Mentors and the Risk of РRescuer Syndrome’

As ambitious executives seek guidance, and senior executives realise the importance of helping the people who work in their organizations reach their full potential, the practice of leadership coaching and mentoring is becoming mainstream. Shared knowledge and experience can help people achieve their goals and solve problems. Mentoring can add significant value to organizations, improving […]

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Developing Business Leaders in China

Across the world, effective leaders are needed now more than ever; China is no exception, but the experiences of Chinese leaders may certainly warrant a different perspective for their development. Based on research initiated in May 2007, the authors present findings and implications for leadership development for China-based economies. They provide evidence of specific work […]

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Leadership Essentials: Diagnostics, Influence and Energy

What makes a successful leader, and how can leaders develop their own personal leadership models? Exploring these questions in this article, the author highlights the importance of leaders in general; they are responsible for other people’s lives, futures and money. They lead people in challenging times and times of uncertainty, thus making it imperative that […]

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Beyond ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Leadership Development

The authors propose that different leadership development learning methods should be adopted according to the varying needs and issues faced by leaders at different levels and stages of their lives. They note that there are no definitive ‘best strategies’ for developing leaders, but that there has been an increasing recognition that leadership development must incorporate […]

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