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IP Management Strategies for Profiting from Business Model Innovation

A company’s business model is the ultimate measure by which it is judged, as it expresses the underlying logic of its business. Most importantly, it explains how it creates and captures value—something The Economist describes as a company’s raison d'être. So how do you ensure something so important remains secure from competition? One way is […]

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Lean Thinking Increased Innovation

In this White Paper, the author looks at how organizations can free up necessary resources to pursue their overall business strategies. Identifying the ‘waste’ and ‘complexity’ in a company can free up people and space needed to do so, calling this process becoming ‘Lean.’ As we Lean the business, says the author, enthusiasm is generated, […]

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What to Learn from Pirates

For as long as capitalism has existed, there have been pirate organizations that have refused to play by the rules and standards set by the state and the ‘legitimate’ business world. Traditionally, these pirates have been viewed as rogues and cheaters who deserve the same fate — or at least its economic equivalent — as […]

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Creating Innovative Business Models

Though product/process innovation has become a necessity for many companies, the time and expenses required is now leading hesitant companies to turn towards business model innovation instead. So what do executives need to know about it? Business model innovation matters to managers, entrepreneurs and academic researchers for several reasons. First, it represents an often underutilized […]

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