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Sustainable Manufacturing Part 1: People, Technology and Collaboration

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) represented a first step in recognizing that business had a societal role to play that extended beyond simply making a profit. Today, the thinking has evolved from the ‘doing good’ mindset of CSR to a ‘doing what is necessary’ mindset embodied in the concept of ‘sustainability.’ Sustainability — the ambition to […]

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Managing the Multigenerational Workplace

In a white paper published by Kenan-Flagler Business School, Dan Bursch and Kip Kelly describe today’s workforce has decidedly multigenerational and comprised of five generations each with distinct general characteristics: Traditionalists (born pre-1946): traditionalists tend to have a strong work ethic that translates into stability and experience. Essentially they view of work as a privilege, […]

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Family Business in India: Meeting 21st Century Challenges

Family businesses are large contributors to the Indian economy, forming an integral part of Indian culture and society. They account for approximately 85% of business in the country, but have traditionally been plagued by concerns about their susceptibility to emotional decision-making, non-professionalism, governance issues, etc. Now, however, it seems that family businesses are gradually shedding […]

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Identifying High-Potential Talent

"47 per cent say their current high-potential talent pool does not meet their anticipated needs." The term ‘high-potential’ is often found in business literature referring to employees.  What exactly differentiates one from other employees? According to this Idea, high-potential employees are those identified as having the latent talent, ability and aspiration necessary to hold successive leadership positions […]

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Lean Thinking Increased Innovation

In this White Paper, the author looks at how organizations can free up necessary resources to pursue their overall business strategies. Identifying the ‘waste’ and ‘complexity’ in a company can free up people and space needed to do so, calling this process becoming ‘Lean.’ As we Lean the business, says the author, enthusiasm is generated, […]

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