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Mortality: The Ultimate Motivator

Fear of death is a core part of the human condition. It’s been associated with everything from the enduring appeal of religion and spiritual beliefs to the desire to reproduce and raise children. It remains, however, largely ignored in management literature and mainstream motivational theories. Death is a powerful ‘stealth motivator’ that leads to defensive […]

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Coaches, Mentors and the Risk of РRescuer Syndrome’

As ambitious executives seek guidance, and senior executives realise the importance of helping the people who work in their organizations reach their full potential, the practice of leadership coaching and mentoring is becoming mainstream. Shared knowledge and experience can help people achieve their goals and solve problems. Mentoring can add significant value to organizations, improving […]

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Psychopaths in the C-Suite: How to Avoid Them

Only a small number of psychopaths become violent criminals. Others lead outwardly normal lives and appear integrated into society. Strongly attracted to money and power, these ‘psychopaths lite’ often seek careers in finance and business. (According to some estimates, approximately 3.9 per cent of corporate professionals have psychopathic tendencies, against approximately one percent of the […]

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